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'Tis The Season!

Traditional Foliage Christmas Cracker - Wide Barrel

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Model #:CRTS1605

Wide Barrel Traditional Foliage Cracker CRTS1605

Take part in a renowned English Christmas tradition passed down since 1847. A Christmas Cracker is made from a segmented cardboard cylinder stuffed with a prize then wrapped in Ornate paper. Each festive cracker resembles an over-sized sweet wrapper with 2 twisted tips and a treat at the center. When pulled apart at either end by 2 celebrants the cracker snaps open with a safe “pop”, leaving the treasure with one person. A subtle slit down the tubes middle causes it to break unevenly leaving the middle chamber attached to one side or the other. The chemically treated strip within the cracker activates when tugged on producing a mild bang like a cap gun.

These luxurious Crackers alternate between Red and White while featuring Snowy Foliage and are sure to set the scene at a dinner table or party. Try these 6 Deluxe Crackers out with friends & guests to start your own holiday tradition and see where the fun takes you. Prizes in each cracker vary but possibly include a Dominoes, Mini-Golf, Pocket Mirror, Giant Paper Clip, Tag, or a Metal Puzzle. Spread the cheer this Holiday season with a gift that keeps on giving in a style that is uniquely yours!