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'Tis The Season!

Tom Smith From 1847 To The Millennium

Tom Smith, owned by Brite Sparks in Wales, now exports crackers worldwide to 34 countries including the USA, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and Japan. Although much of the work in making crackers today is automated, the principle largely remains the same. Every single cracker has the snap carefully placed by hand and each one is filled and closed. The more elaborate designs are then individually hand finished, and some crackers are still made entirely by hand.

It would be difficult to imagine Christmas without crackers as they have become part of the nation's festive celebrations. however, almost like the fashion of over a hundred years ago, there is a move towards highlighting other events and days when it is appropriate to enjoy crackers. For example, "Crackers" are now used as decorative party favors to celebrate a variety of other special occasions and festive events. The pulling of crackers and donning of the party hats creates a relaxed, festive atmosphere certain to get any party function off the ground. Crackers provide a colorful and exciting start to any celebration, and also present each guest with a gift by which to remember the days events. At Christmas, crackers make great tree ornaments, stocking stuffers, and welcoming gifts for visiting friends and relatives. They can also be used as invitations, promotional gifts, an advertising medium, shower and wedding favors, and individualized gifts for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July in the USA and Mother's Day.

The Tom Smith story is a true story of innovation, perseverance and success. For over 150 years, Tom Smith's crackers are still being pulled and enjoyed all over the world!

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